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Business plays a vital role in the development of a country. Fast growing media and communications have made the world a smaller place. Commerce and industry have been growing leaps and bounds through e-commerce and e-business. A new liberal, open and competitive economy is the need of the era. To meet these challenges, skilled human resources with global vision are needed. The BBA program at WhiteHouse School of Management and Liberal Arts aims to do just that!

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) at WhiteHouse School of Management and Liberal Arts is a four-year, eight-semester program in Management studies. The total course weightage is 120 credit hours including two comprehensive project works. The program provides students with opportunities to develop their academic exposure in a number of specialization areas that include Financial Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management and International Business.

Program Objectives
• To produce a dynamic graduate, who keeps the knowledge of all areas and develops the ability to analyse national and international issues
• To develop mental flexibility through the practice of the critical thinking skills of analysis and synthesis
• To improve communication abilities through the development of reading, thinking, writing and speaking skills
• To learn how to integrate information, ideas and opinions from varieties of sources and multidisciplinary perspectives by studying cultures throughout the region and the world
• To deepen understanding and appreciation of other’s cultures and points of view
• To develop graduates by two- folds while on the one hand, attempt to make them ready for management career in any organization, provide them with adequate theoretical exposure to prepare them for advanced studies in any area of management on the other hand.

Aims of the Program

The BBA program at WhiteHouse School of Management and Liberal Arts aims to develop leadership skills, creativity and entrepreneurship in the students to prepare them for:
• The future challenges of business
• Develop leadership skills, creativity and enterpreneurship
• Careers in the public and private sectors
• Studies in advanced management programs


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