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College Rules and Regulations

  1. Students are supposed to maintain their attire as suggested by the College (shirt, pants, coat, pullover with College logo, tie, socks, shoes)
  2. Haircut of the students should be of the standards maintained by the College administration.
  3. Students should not use any hair dye or nail polish. Students must keep their nails short and clean. The College administration shall take action in case of disobedience of the code of conduct.
  4. Guardians or parents must report to the College for students’ leave. Uninformed absence or late arrival shall be fined Rs. 100/- per day (for 3 times) and for the fourth time students must bring their guardians along.
  5. Riding motorbike for commutation is prohibited for Plus 2 students.
  6. Mobile phones are restricted during College hours. If found for the first time, the users shall be fined Rs. 1000/- and for the second time Rs. 2000/-.
  7. The students must bring required books and paraphernalia for their classes.
  8. The students are to participate in picnics, excursions, industrial tours and other important events of the College at the given time and venue.
  9. Tuition fee should be paid within the given deadline.
  10. All extra and special preparatory classes are mandatory for the students to attend at the designated time.
  11. Playing truant with or students bunking the College are subject to a penalty of the Rs. 5000/-.
  12. On the day of result declaration, students must bring their guardians along with them to receive the results.
  13. The students found consuming tobacco products, narcotics or alcoholic products shall be rusticated from the College.
  14. Vandalizing the College property shall lead to penalty or outright expulsion from the College.
  15. Students have to maintain their decorum with their friends and others. Unsocial activities like hurting or damaging self respect of other individuals, chiding, bullying and fighting shall lead to expulsion from the College.
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