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Himalayan WhiteHouse International College has a tradition of opening up new avenues to potential students who are in quest of a brighter and more secured future. Whether you are a recent high school graduate, a Plus 2 student, an undergraduate, or an established professional, we invite you to join Himalayan WhiteHouse – a platform for exploring potentialities and opportunities for a life-time! Committed to imparting life-centered and time-tested education, Himalayan WhiteHouse is an abode of learning where learners delve into a variety of unique programs to realize their choicest goals.
Quality education offered by our College in a congenial educational milieu promotes learning to not only quench the thirst but also creates the thirst in the learners, who learn, recreate, reflect and develop their own careers. As a result of the unfaltering services of qualified and experienced members of the faculty, excellence – be it in academics or extra-curricular or intramural activities – has become more a norm than an exception in WhiteHouse. Our college graduates are well prepared for success in their chosen careers and for successful transfer to many institutions abroad with which the institution holds transfer articulation agreements. Also our college have partnerships with different organizations to enable students to gain meaningful work experience while they are in the campus and be ready for work after completion of studies. At Himalayan WhiteHouse, we believe in exploring the ultimate potential of our students and are committed to helping them acquire the knowledge and skills they require to be successful in their chosen career. Education, at Himalayan WhiteHouse, means Gymnastics to the body and Music to the mind. Indeed, the College is a dynamic and exciting place to be, and we look forward to welcoming you to our community where the tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection…

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