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Entry Requirement
50% or above in SLC or equivalent examinations. The students must pass the entrance examination successfully.

The program is composed of assessment involving practical work and terminal tests, Pre-Board exams conducted by HISSAN and Final Board examinations conducted by HSEB.

Students are to present various project reports on industrial visits and in various subjects viz. Hotel Management, Computer Science, Business Studies and Marketing.

Carrer Prospects

Business Studies Group
Major Subjects
Business Studies and Economics
As a graduate of Plus 2 program and after completion of undergraduate studies (BBA/BBS/CA), you will be qualified for management positions in banks, finance companies, schools, colleges, government jobs, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and institutions. Economics group may have their career opportunities as: Accountant (Senior/Junior), Chartered Accountants, Managers, Human Resource Managers, Procurement Department Managers, Cashier etc.

Hotel Management Group
Major Subjects
Hotel Management and Economics
After the completion of Plus 2 Hotel Management course and four years of BHM, you shall be qualified for major positions in hotels, food service, tourism and broader service sectors depending on your program specialization for undergraduate studies. Your career opportunities in hotels, cruises, restaurants, bar, dining & catering departments, conference & exhibition centres, shopping malls, hostels, hospitals and clubs include: Chef, Hotel Manager, Cook, Front Desk Officer, Procurement Department Manager etc.

Computer Group
Major Subjects (Any two)
Computer Science and Economics
As you complete your Plus 2 courses majoring Computer Science and Economics qualifies you to study further as a student of BBA/BBS/CA and BCA. To qualify for BBIS, BIM, BIT, you should study at least 100 marks Mathematics in your Plus 2 course.

Math Group
Major Subjects (Any two)
Basic Math and Economics/Computer Science
After the completion of your Plus 2 courses majoring Computer Science and Math, you are qualified to study IT in undergraduate programs BBIS, BIM, BIT & BCA and you can take up CA courses if you like. Majoring Economics and Mathematics qualifies you to study further as a student of BBA/BBS/CA and BCA.

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