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Masters in Business Administration

The MBA program at WhiteHouse GSM is affiliated to Purbanchal University. The minimum duration of the program is 24 months spread over 4 semesters. For successful completion of the degree, a student is required to earn 69 credit hours by successfully completing 26 courses.

The program is directed at preparing professional managers for business and non- business sectors. The focus of the program is on developing managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities of students through curricular and co-curricular activities. The MBA program specifically aims to:

  • Prepare managers for business and non- business sectors by developing their professionalism.
  • Develop entrepreneurs capable of evaluation risks and taking challenges in the emerging global business environment.
  • Inculcate knowledge, skill, and attitude in students so that they become result oriented and socially responsive professionals with a scientific approach.


Executive MBA Program

The EMBA program has higher inclination in the integration of operational functionalism of various business organizations and it requires an extensive sharing of cases from various organizations where the participating graduates are pursuing their professional careers.


The EMBA program has following specific objectives:

  • Update the upgrade in knowledge and skill of it’s graduate by providing up-to-date tools and techniques of various areas of management.
  • Provide opportunities to learn through sharing of experience between the EMBA participants so as to enhance their managerial leadership and decision-making ability.

For details: http://whitehousegsm.edu.np/

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