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A. Himalayan WhiteHouse Graduate Retention Scholarships (Seats: Five)
All retained Himalayan WhiteHouse graduates who attend the first official WGAT.
– 50% waiver on admission fee.
– 25% waiver on tuition fee for first two quarters.

B. Himalayan WhiteHouse Exclusive Scholarships (Seats: Two)
One female and one male candidate from deprived and underprivileged category.
– 50% waiver in admission fee.
– 25% waiver in quarterly fees throughout the program.
C. Himalayan WhiteHouse Merit Scholarships (Seats: Three)
University Toppers – Position I, II and III
– 50% waiver on admission fee and 25% waiver on first two quarters’ tuition fee.

D. Himalayan WhiteHouse Merit Stipends (Seats: Unlimited)
– Securing 3.50 to 4.00 SGPA: Stipend amount NRs. 10,000 in the next semester.
– Securing 4.00 SGPA: Stipend amount NRs. 20,000 in the next semester.

Assessment and Grading System
Himalayan WhiteHouse follows Purbanchal University’s assessment and grading system to measure the performance of each graduate. The total assessment system has been divided into two parts, viz. In-semester Assessments and Semester-end Assessments. The contribution of In-semester and Semester-end Assessments in the aggregate evaluation is in the ratio of 30:70 by weightage. The In-semester Assessments are administered and controlled by the college. Semester-end Assessments are administrated and controlled by the University.
Purbanchal University adopts the Absolute Grade Point System. Following is the grading mechanism of the graduates’ performance:

Marks Grade Grade Point Remarks
85 and above A 4 Excellent
70-84.99 B 3 Good
55-69.99 C 2 Average
45-54.99 D 1 Fair
Below 45 F 0 Fail
Incomplete or Absent I Incomplete

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