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Himalayan WhiteHouse is a leading college in sports apart from academic breakthroughs. To help students stay focused on health and fitness while not studying, the Department of Sports organizes various sporting competitions and tournaments both within and outside campus. By participating in these tournaments our students have repeatedly set new records and achievements at national and international levels, of which our department is very proud.

The recent partnership with Nepal Sports Management (NCM), Velocity Arena, Ratopool, Kathmandu and HWH is a new breakthrough to help our students to make their career in Cricket & Futsal. As per the agreement, the college provides scholarships to the trainee cricketers at NCM, while NCM will provide various training and logistic support to HWH students .

The Department of Sports believes that students’ participation in athletics has positive effects on college performance and adolescent development, fosters success later in life and promotes physical development and fitness.

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